Leikskólinn Ylur- nursery school teacher

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  • 23. janúar 2019

Nursery school Ylur in Mývatnsveit is looking for a nursery school teacher or someone with similar education that could be used in this field of work, to join their dynamic and growing nursery school as soon as possible.  The application deadline is the 25 January 2019. Both men and women are welcome and encouraged to apply.
Education and qualifications
•    Nursery School Teachers Licence or education that can be assessed or evaluated and used in this job.
•    Proffessional work ethics, including independence and initiative.
•    Good skills in team work, communication and cooperation
•    An interest in working with children
•    Interested in carreer development, dynamic and multifaceted job opportunities
•    Positivity and flexibility
We need a fulltime staff member as soon as possible. Education is desirable but not mandatory or necessarily a pre requisite.
32 children attend Ylur nursery school. The preschool‘s policy is based on building life skills through play and education. Implementation of a health promoting nursery school with positive dicipline as well as the Karellen playschool philosophy is well underway. Many developments are in progress with fun and exciting projects ahead. 
The headmistress of Ylur nursery school is Ingibjörg Helga Jónsdóttir, and she can be contacted on the cell number: 8219404.  One can send their CV and contact via her email ingibjorg@skutustadahreppur.is or send a job application via their web page :  ylur.leikskolinn.is under the upplýsingar tab

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